Extra lab tests likely to be covered, after deductible

Do insurance companies cover the cost of more accurate tests, such as ultrasound or blood tests, if a patient can provide evidence that he/she has one or more cancer marker genes? Informed Patient Dear Informed Patient, The insurer will pay for medically necessary tests.  So, if the doctor believes that the ultrasound or blood test […]

Obamacare and wellness programs

Would anyone — insurers, employers, government — be interested in software that calculates monetary reimbursement based upon patients meeting certain health goals?   Safeway very publicly (2005) started reimbursing employees’ premiums based on health indicators. They encouraged healthier habits and exercise. Would other, perhaps smaller, companies or organizations be interested in this same model, made cheaper […]

Obamacare: subsidies are not taxed as income

I am 58 and my daughter is 11.  I am so confused.My daughter and I receive Social Security Survivors Benefits.For 2014 our income should be $31,008 from Social Security and I have income from Dividends that should be below $2,000.Our total income should be $33,008.I did apply for Health insurance through the Market Place.It was […]

Death panels: fictional as always

Are there death panels operating in America’s healthcare system? Wondering Dear Wondering, Death panels are a fiction created by politicians.  There is no committee that decides whether a particular patient gets a particular treatment. The fanfare arose when a new benefit was suggested for Medicare: physicians would be paid to talk with members about their […]

Finding a family doctor

How do I find a good family doctor? Healthy but looking Dear Healthy but looking, You can check whether the practice is recognized for excellence.  There are several different organizations that accredit physician practices, such as NCQA.  The practice might also be part of a demonstration project for Patient Centered Medical Homes; this would be […]