Getting tubes un-tied

I am in my late 30’s and have two children, ages 12 and 14.  I’ve been divorced for five years, and have met a very special man.  The problem is that he has always wanted to have his own child and I had my tubes tied 10 years ago.  Will health insurance pay to have my sterilization reversed?

Just One More Baby

Dear Just One More Baby,

Health insurance covers medically necessary care.  Reversing your tubal ligation would not be considered medically necessary.  That is, the surgery is not needed in order for you to have a healthy body.

Your plan will not cover the surgery or anything related to it.  It would cover complications from the surgery, if you had any.  For example, if you got an infection, it would cover medications and care; this care would be medically necessary.  Let’s hope you don’t have any problems.

Assuming you have a group plan from an employer, your plan will cover the pregnancy when it happens.  An individual plan – one you have bought on your own and not through an employer – may or may not have maternity coverage.  You could call the number on the back of your ID card to check.

Best wishes for your new marriage and new baby!

Linda Riddell

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