How to make a complaint about an insurer

I feel like my health insurance plan is giving me a runaround.  I can’t seem to get a straight answer to my question about my son’s physical therapy.  Where can I go to make a complaint about a health insurance company?

Steaming but Stumped

Dear Steaming but Stumped,

You may have two questions here — one, how to get the insurer to answer you; and two, how to make a complaint about the insurer.

For your first question:

  • If it is a group health insurance plan — through your employer — go to your HR person or your manager. They can get in touch with the insurance broker who sold them the plan.
  • If it is an individual plan — one you bought on your own — go to the broker who sold it to you.

The broker will help you get the information you need.

For your second question:

  • Your state will have a consumer assistance department, within its insurance regulatory bureau. Go to your state insurance bureau website and search for “filing complaint.”  They will have a process for filing a consumer complaint.

Good luck!

Linda Riddell

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