The Obamacare Tax/Penalty – Correction

I do not believe in health insurance.  I take excellent care of myself, and see naturopaths when I need to.  I see no need for health insurance for myself, and do not plan to buy it.  Now that the individual mandate has made it through the Supreme Court, I’ll have to pay a penalty for my decision.  I think this is incredibly unfair and I may protest.  Could the IRS put a lien on my home if I don’t pay the penalty/tax?

Free And Uninsured

Dear Free And Uninsured,

The Affordable Care Act actually prohibits the IRS from putting a lien on a property to collect the tax/penalty.  They could, however, give you less in your tax refund (if you had one).

People whose religion prohibits insurance can escape the penalty.  You cannot make up your own religion.  It’s not clear at this point how people will claim their religion on their tax forms.   Tax time in 2015 will no doubt raise some interesting issues!

Linda Riddell

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