Abortion coverage under Obamacare

I’m a sexually active female in my 20’s.  I am careful about birth control, but I’m worried about whether my plan will cover abortions once Obamacare starts.  Will my plan stop covering abortions?

Crossing My Knees

Dear Crossing My Knees,

If your plan covers abortions now, it will not be forced to change in 2014.  The brouhaha over abortions in health reform was about whether federal money would help women buy plans that covered the service.  Federal tax dollars cannot be spent on “elective” abortions, which are abortions that are the woman’s choice, not necessary for saving her life or to end a pregnancy that was the result of rape or incest.

If you get help from the government to pay for your health plan or to pay for your deductibles and co-pays, then your plan would charge you separately for abortion coverage (if it offered abortion coverage).

Your best strategy, as you know, is to use great birth control – even two methods, such as the pill and a condom.  But I’m not here to be your mother. . .

Linda Riddell

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