Obamacare: coverage for 24-year-old

I am 24 years old and, like many of my friends, have been living in my old bedroom at my parents’ house.  I am going to start sharing a house with some friends in a few months.  Since I am moving, will I have to give up being covered on my parents’ health insurance?

Still Tied To Home

Dear Still Tied To Home,

It looks like good news all around: you can move out, stop driving your parents crazy, and keep your health insurance at the same time.  Health reform allows children up to the age of 26 to stay on their parents’ health insurance, no matter where the child lives or even if the child is married.  Moving out won’t get you kicked off your parents’ health insurance but getting a job might.

Some employers do not cover the adult child if the child has an employer’s health plan offered to him.  So if you get a job with benefits, you may have to take that plan instead of keeping your parents’ plan.  Your parents’ can call their HR person or ask their manager at work about this.

Linda Riddell

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