Health Coverage for Fiance

My fiancé and I will be getting married about 10 months from now.  He is very unhappy at his job and would like to quit, but he would lose his health insurance.  Is there any way I could cover him on my plan, even before we get married?

I Do, But Not Yet

Dear I Do, But Not Yet,

Your employer’s plan may allow you to cover “domestic partners”. To qualify as a domestic partner, you will have to show proof — such as a joint lease or joint checking account. Some plans’ standards are quite high, so be prepared to shower them with proof. Assuming that you qualify, he can join your health plan before the wedding.  If your employer’s plan does not cover domestic partners or, for some reason, you do not qualify, then he could get COBRA coverage for the 10 months.  Before he quits, make sure that his plan offers COBRA – not all plans are required to, such as very small employers.

If he is not yet 26 years old and his parents have group health insurance, he could get coverage from his parents.  This is one of the changes that health reform (“Obamacare”) made.  It’s worth asking Mom and Dad if they can help you out for the few months until the wedding.

Linda Riddell

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