Obamacare: Pre-existing conditions

I had an abnormal test result on a thyroid test, but I haven’t had any symptoms and have not needed any treatment.  I had no health insurance for several months, but will be getting covered again in two months’ time.  If I need treatment for thyroid problems, will my new plan pay for it or will it be a pre-existing condition?

Might Be Sick

Dear Might Be Sick,

If you had treatment in the six months before you join a new group health plan and you were uninsured for at least 63 days, then the new plan can refuse to pay claims for that condition for one year.  But since you have had no treatment, your thyroid issue – if there is one – will be covered.

This is only an issue for the next year or so.  In 2014, under health reform, all plans will have to cover pre-existing conditions.

Linda Riddell

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