Can spouse drop my coverage

My husband and I are having a rough go lately.  One of his gripes is that I do not work and I depend upon him for everything including health insurance. He has a fairly good plan from his job.  He has threatened to drop my health insurance.  Is it illegal for him to drop me from health insurance without my permission?

On The Rocks

Dear On The Rocks,
No, it is not illegal. He could submit the enrollment change to his employer without your signature. The employer or insurer would not question it, since he or she is still married to the person. (Even an individual plan will not necessarily require the spouse’s signature.)

You would receive a COBRA notice, if he did drop your coverage and the plan is required to offer continuation coverage.  The notice would arrive within 30 days of the change, so you could potentially get the coverage reinstated.

Linda Riddell

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