Ex-hubby dropped son’s health plan

I knew that my ex-husband lost his job, but I didn’t know that he had dropped our son’s health insurance.  I found out when I got a notice from the insurance company that they won’t pay for his last doctor’s visit.  I have full custody of my son, so the doctor is now coming to me to pay these bills.  My ex is supposed to cover our son.  What do I do now?

High and Dry

Dear High and Dry,

It depends upon how the court order is worded. If the father is responsible for health insurance for the child, then you would need to go back to court.  Dropping the health insurance would not be allowed.  If, on the other hand, he is responsible for paying the medical bills, then you would send him the bills.  It doesn’t matter whether your ex-husband has health insurance: the medical bills are still his.

In the meantime, you can explain the situation to the doctor’s office .  They may choose to send the bills to your ex-husband.

Linda Riddell

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