Parkinson’s as pre-existing condition, under Obamacare

Is Parkinson’s disease considered a pre-existing condition? I get physical therapy, and may soon need speech therapy too. My insurance, which I get through my husband’s retiree plan, may change and I’m worried that I’ll be on my own to pay for it all.

Shaking in Ohio

Dear Shaking in Ohio,

Since you have had treatment for it in the six months before you join the new plan, yes it is a pre-existing illness. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the new plan can refuse to pay claims for your treatment. If you had continuous coverage — meaning no lapses in your health insurance or a lapse of less than 63 days — then the new plan will cover all of your bills for Parkinson’s.

In 2014, all plans will cover pre-existing conditions regardless of any lapses in your previous coverage.

Linda Riddell

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