Coverage for 28-year-old student

I know that you can keep your kids on your health policy until they turn 26, but what about older kids?  Someday, my son will finish his degree.  In the meantime, he is 28 years old and a full-time student.  Can I cover him under my family medical insurance policy?

Rhode Island Mom to PhD-to-be

Dear Rhode Island Mom to PhD-to-be,

Yes, if you live in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or South Dakota. These states allow dependents past age 26 to stay on the parents’ plan if certain other requirements are met. In New York, the child can be up to age 30 but has to reside in the state. In New Jersey, it’s age 30 but the child has to be unmarried and have no children. Pennsylvania it’s age 30 and full-time student OR unmarried and no children. South Dakota, it’s 29 and a full-time student.

Short of moving, your best bet is to look into the college’s student health plan or a separate plan to cover him.  A 28-year-old male should be fairly cheap to insure.

Linda Riddell

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