Obamacare — not all employees will get onto company plan

Can an employer offer health insurance to one employee but not to his other employees?  I’m new to this small company, and I didn’t realize that some people got insurance from the company.  I thought the company didn’t offer one at all.  I’m apparently not in the “in” crowd, and don’t know why.

On the Outs

Dear On the Outs,

Yes, if the employees are different classes — such as full-time versus part-time, or year-round versus seasonal.   Even under the health reform employer mandate, the employer is not required to offer coverage to people working less than 30 hours per week or fewer than 120 days a year.  And companies with fewer than 50 employees do not have to offer a plan at all.

If your employer does not offer you a plan, you will have to get coverage on your own or pay the penalty. Not having a plan from your job is not an excuse.

Linda Riddell

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