Obamacare — coverage for spouses?

My husband is self-employed and has been on my health plan from my job.  I’m looking at other jobs, but am worried about one thing.  With all of the talk about health reform, I understand that a large company has to offer a plan to full-timers.  Do they also have to offer a plan to spouses?

Not Making A Move

Dear Not Making A Move,

There is no legal requirement that an employer offer (or pay for) coverage for spouses.  The insurer providing the plan, however, will be more than happy to enroll spouses and charge the monthly fee.  The employer’s only role is to forward the money to the insurer.  I would be surprised if an employer refused to do this small task.  In fact, if the employer sets it up right, he can save taxes on the money spent for the plan.

Linda Riddell

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