Cannot afford deductible

I’m a 20 year old female.  I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar II and an anxiety disorder.

In October, I moved to a different county, so I can’t participate in my former county’s free medication management program. The new county has only a free clinic, which I haven’t gone to yet. I doubt they will have a doctor who specializes in mental illness.

I technically do have insurance, under my stepdad’s plan, which has a $5,000 deductible. I cannot afford to pay the medical bills, since I lost my job (which paid minimum wage).   My mom won’t help. She doesn’t even know I’m bipolar, and she doesn’t like talking about anything negative.

I’m feeling hopeless.  What can I do?

(Moved) Over and Out

Dear (Moved) Over and Out,

First, you may be surprised that the new county’s clinic will have a psychiatrist (a doctor specializing in mental health).  Before you set that aside, it’s worth finding out what services are there.

If the clinic does not have a psychiatrist, you could look for other free or sliding-scale clinics.  Try doing a web search, or go to and click Find Insurance Options Now. will give you links and information about your options.

You might also check to see whether your state’s Medicaid plan covers low-income adults who do not have children. (This varies by state.) This information will also appear on

Though you may feel hopeless, you are asking the right question: what can I do?  Taking action to find what you need is good for your health.

Linda Riddell

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