When does coverage end after quitting job

I really hate my job and am planning to quit as soon as I find another one.  Will my health insurance end the day that I quit?  What if I work for a two-week notice?  Would it end on my last day of work?  Could I get them to keep me on their plan for another month or so after I leave?

Brighter Futures

Dear Brighter Futures,

Your health insurance will end on the last day of the month after your last day of work.  Health insurance is handled in whole months, so it won’t end mid-way through the month.

How many “extra” days of coverage you get after your last day depends upon what time of month you leave.  If your last day at work – whether you work a notice period or not – was the first of April, your coverage would end the first of May.  If your last day was April 30th, your coverage would still end the first of May.

The only way to keep your coverage going with your old employer is to pay for COBRA.  The employer’s plan can only cover “active” employees.  You would not be an active employee in the month after you finish up.

Best wishes for your job search!

Linda Riddell

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