Obamacare: Medicare (mostly) not affected

I’m 70 and on Medicare.  I also have a Medicare supplemental plan.  Do I have to go buy new health insurance now with Obamacare?  Will I have to pay for my Medicare plan now?  I don’t even know how much that would cost! 

Not So Golden Ager

Dear Not So Golden Ager,

Good news, you do not have to buy any new health insurance or pay for your Medicare plan.  You are considered insured by being a Medicare member.  So no worries about having to pay a penalty or tax.

The changes that health reform made to Medicare involve medical providers: the services that are covered, the things providers have to do to bill Medicare, how much they get paid etc.  For example, one of the changes was to add some preventive care to Medicare’s covered service list.

You will not need to go to the health insurance exchange. The plans sold there are not for Medicare members.  They are for people who do not get health insurance through their employer, and for employers with fewer than 50 workers.  Your Medicare supplement plan will not go through the exchanges; it will be the same as you have it now.

Linda Riddell

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