Affordable Care Act: Does it matter where my coverage comes from?

My boyfriend and I have been together in a domestic partnership for 5 years. We have a home together and there is no discussion as to when or if we will actually marry.  We both work. My employer does offer health insurance, but I have been on my boyfriend’s health insurance plan as he has the better plan. With the new Obamacare laws, since I have insurance through my boyfriend’s place of employment, do I now need to buy insurance through my work place to avoid being penalized with the ridiculous tax that will be implemented? Ironically, I asked my tax advisor and he told me he didn’t know. Guess I will be shopping for a new tax preparer.

Georgia Peach

Dear Georgia Peach,

It does not matter where you have your insurance from – your employer, your boyfriend’s employer, the marketplace – as long as you have insurance that meets health reform standards, you will not have the penalty/tax.  Your boyfriend’s employer should send him a notice confirming that their plan meets the standards.  (Many employers have done this recently, but some may be waiting until closer to year-end.)

You might want to find a new tax preparer, but you could also consider forgiving him/her.  Many people are so intimidated by health reform that they haven’t read even the basic information!  I find the Kaiser Family Foundation’s website useful for that sort of thing.

Linda Riddell

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