Affordable Care Act: Effect on Social Security Disability

How will Obamacare affect my SSDI?  I get a check on the 1st and 3rd and after garnishments I only have $280. I need help. I am going to be homeless.”

Barely Squeaking By

Dear Barely Squeaking By,

If you are receiving Social Security Disability Income, you should qualify for Medicaid in every state of the country. If you are not already enrolled in Medicaid, go to your state government’s website (usually it is the state’s name followed by “.gov”) to find your local state health and human services agency for help.  After you have been receiving SSDI for 24 months, you will also qualify for Medicare.

Obamacare will not affect your disability benefits.  You already have — or soon will have — health insurance through Medicaid, which meets your obligation to have coverage.

Linda Riddell

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