Tricare rules different from private plan/ Affordable Care Act rules

“My 19-year-old daughter is currently in school but will not be returning next semester. Can I still cover her under Tricare prime even if she is not registered full time in school?”

 Dad in Mississippi

Yes, your 19-year-old daughter can stay on your Tricare plan, even if she is not in school.

Under Tricare Prime, “regular” coverage for children lasts under age 21 – regardless of whether the child is enrolled in school.  After age 21, school enrollment becomes a criterion.  Here is a link to Tricare’s dependent coverage rules.  If she is not in school at age 21, she can enroll in Tricare’s Young Adult program.  If she is in school, she can stay on your Tricare Prime plan until she turns 23.

Tricare’s rules are different, however, from private plans – which have to allow parents to keep children on their plan until they turn 26.  (Note: the plan has to allow this, but the parent is not required to cover the child!)

So you should be all set for your daughter!

Linda Riddell

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