Affordable Care Act: Subsidies offered to non-citizens

“Can a Canadian Citizen working on a Visa in the U.S buy Health Insurance through the State Insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act?”

Canuck in Maine

Dear Canuck in Maine,  

According to Congressional Research Service, people who are legally present in the United States can buy health insurance through the state insurance exchanges. This means that you would be able to get government subsidies to buy a plan, if your income is below 400% of Federal Poverty ($45,960 for a household of one) and you do not have an employer plan offered to you.

If your income is higher than 400% of Federal Poverty, then you cannot buy a plan on the exchange. You will need to go “off exchange”. You might want to find a health insurance agent to help you with this, though some insurers have very user-friendly websites.

Linda Riddell

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