Obamacare: State lines still limit health plan options

I live in California, but Texas has an insurance plan that suits me.  Their plan covers international travel, which I do several times a year for my job.  Can I go to ehealthinsurance.com and buy that plan from Texas?

Briefcase Suitcase

Dear Briefcase Suitcase,

Health reform left state regulation of health insurance intact. So, your state (California) still determines what can legally be sold to state residents as health insurance.  The Texas plan would not be able to sell you any coverage, unless they were approved by California to cover Californians.

To meet your need for international coverage, you might want to consider buying a supplemental plan.  These are generally fairly inexpensive, and would cover just your out-of-country care.  I suggest finding a health insurance agent to help you.

Linda Riddell

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