Have Medicaid and private plan — who pays what

When a child has health insurance (from Dad’s work) and also Medicaid, which one pays for what?  Last month, my daughter’s dad showed up with an ID card for her.  She still has Medicaid.  What do I do? 

Double Insured Daughter

Dear Double Insured Daughter, 

You only need to give both ID cards to the doctor’s office, hospital, or drug store.  They know who should get billed first, second, etc.  You will pay the lower co-pay of the two plans.  This is most likely the Medicaid co-pay.

Just so you know, Medicaid always pays after any other insurance has paid its benefits.  “Any other insurance” includes private insurance (like from Dad’s work), car insurance or even property insurance.  If your daughter fell in a store because their floor was wet, their insurance would pay her medical bills.  These are rare cases, but they do happen.  Again, don’t worry about it.  The plans will work together, or track down the other payer (the store, the other driver, etc.) to pay the bills.

Linda Riddell

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