Obamacare: spouse on Social Security disability, hubby needs health plan

My wife is on Social Security disability. Do I claim her income for health care under Obamacare?

Washington Stater

Dear Washington Stater,

The answer is yes, you will count your wife’s Social Security income in your household income for your health insurance subsidy application. The Affordable Care Act’s definition of modified adjusted gross income includes Social Security income. This is true, even though Social Security income is not taxable, and your wife may not have to file a tax return.

Your household income and number of people determines where on the Federal Poverty guidelines you fall. The amount of subsidy you get is based upon this, plus the number of people who need health insurance. Your wife may already have Medicare, if she is on Social Security disability. So, in your case, you have a household of two people and a health insurance need for one person.

Linda Riddell

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