Obamacare: options for 75-year-old not on Medicare

What are health insurance options for a 75-year-old woman who is not currently eligible for Medicare?

Still Spry

Dear Still Spry,

Your options depend in part on your income and where you live.  If your income from Social Security and other retirement sources is more than $15,282 a year, then you can qualify for government help to buy health insurance from the exchange.  (To get to your state’s exchange go to Health Insurance Marketplace, Affordable Care Act .)  You will pay a certain percentage of your income for your health insurance, a higher percentage as your income goes up.  The lowest percentage is 2% for people earning less than 133% of Federal Poverty; the highest is 9.5% for people earning 400% of Federal Poverty.

If you are earning less than $15,282 a year, then you might qualify for Medicaid.  Some states are offering Medicaid to all low-income adults.  Formerly, Medicaid was restricted to low-income adults who had children in the household or who were disabled.  When you go to your state’s exchange, Medicaid will be offered to you as an option if it is available to you.

Linda Riddell

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