Obamacare: going part-time, losing health plan

I’m 58 years old and live in Connecticut.  Does my employer (a big corporation) have to offer me health insurance if I cut down to 24 hours a week?


Dear Patricia,

No, they do not.  In fact, they do not have to offer you health insurance when you work 40 hours.  The “employer mandate” part of health reform — the rule that says companies with more than 50 employees have to offer health insurance — has not taken effect.  There is talk that it may be postponed indefinitely.

In the meantime, your employer’s own rules dictate what is offered and to whom.  If you become a part-timer and therefore not qualified for their health plan, you should be offered COBRA.  Your COBRA plan may cost more than a plan from the exchange, especially if you get a government subsidy to help pay your premiums.  (If you earn less than $45,960 for a household of one person, you would qualify for premium help.)  You can compare your options at Access Health CT.

Good luck!


Linda Riddell

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