Affordable Care Act: after retirement, when to go to the exchange

I am a 63 year old female and live in Indiana.  If my husband retires from employment on August 1,2014 and employer health Insurance is given for 18 weeks, when will I be able to apply to the marketplace for insurance for coverage?  Would I apply for December 1,2014 for myself only? He has VA benefits, so won’t need coverage.


Dear Ellen,

You are right on top of this!  Yes, you would apply at the Indiana Health Insurance Exchange in late October or November for a December 1 start date.  During the 18 weeks that the employer plan is still covering you, you would not qualify for exchange/ subsidized coverage. And you are also correct that you will apply for yourself only, since your husband will have his own coverage.  (Keep in mind that it is your household income, not just yours, that goes onto your application even though it is only you who needs coverage.)

You may have to buy one month of coverage in 2014, and then sign up again for January 1, 2015.  I’m not sure whether carriers are offering exchange plans that renew on dates other than January 1.  It’s worth asking whether you can keep your December 1 plan for 12 months.

Best wishes for you as your husband retires!

Linda Riddell

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