Obamacare: Applied for exemption, now waiting

I applied to be exempted from the “individual mandate”.  I was told I would get an exemption certificate, but I’ve been waiting for two months now and have not received anything.  What should I do?

Waiting On Paper

Dear Waiting On Paper,

No need to worry about the delay!  You will need the certificate when you file your taxes for 2014, but you do not need it until then.  According to healthcare.gov‘s info on this topic:

“The Marketplace will mail you a notice of the exemption eligibility result. If you are granted an exemption, the Marketplace notice will show your unique exemption certificate number (ECN). You will use your ECN when you complete your taxes for the 2014 tax year beginning in January 2015 to avoid paying the shared responsibility payment.”

My guess is that the Marketplace is putting it off until they can do all of these at one time — likely in January 2015.  In the meantime, no one is going to ask you for it or charge you the penalty.

Linda Riddell

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