Expat escapes health insurance mandate

How do I prove I am an expat to get an income tax exemption from Obamacare?  I have wonderful and cheap health care in Mexico.

Sipping Sangria

Dear Sipping Sangria

When you file your taxes, you will be submitting proof that you are living abroad.  U.S. citizens living abroad are not required to show that they have health insurance.   You escape the individual mandate, at least for the period of time that you are living outside the country.

When you return to the U.S., if you are not exempt for another reason, then you would need to get health insurance.  You will be allowed to buy health insurance, even if it is not open enrollment because you are having a “life change”.  Make sure that you do this within 30 days of returning.  Otherwise, you will have to wait until the next open enrollment.

Other reasons for being exempt from the health insurance mandate require you to apply at your state’s marketplace.  Check out the list and links to forms here.

Linda Riddell

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