Affordable Care Act: comparing plan benefits for pregnancy

Which ACA plan is the most cost effective for the average pregnancy in 2015 for a 28-year-old?  Assuming the pregnancy cost was $30,000.  Between insurance premium and possible HSA savings, which plans should we choose to spend the least amount of money?

Mama Shopper

Dear Mama Shopper,

If you are comparing plans offered on your state’s health insurance exchange, you are in luck.  All plans offered on the exchange are required to include a description of how their plan works (deductibles, co-pays, etc.) for a normal pregnancy.  They will all include the identical information and assumptions.

I think your estimate of the pregnancy cost might be a little high.  Pre-natal care might run about $2,000 and a hospital stay for a normal delivery could range from $10 – !5,000.

Best wishes for your exciting year and a healthy baby!

Linda Riddell

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