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ACA — good for moms and families? It depends

Is the Affordable Care Act good for moms and families? Bottom Line Gal Dear Bottom Line Gal, It depends upon a lot of factors, whether the ACA is good for a particular mother and her children.  And it depends upon what you mean by “good”. A mother whose job does not offer health insurance would […]

Company cannot buy workers exchange plans with pre-tax dollars

Why does the IRS not want businesses to subsidize their employees’ individual health plans with pre-tax earnings?  This seems to not make sense, as it is completely fine for an individual to deduct premiums from their earnings, as long as it’s for an individual plan. So:I buy my own insurance using money that I will […]

Employer cannot buy exchange plan for workers

Is it legal for an employer to buy health insurance for one employee and not for everyone else?  I think the company owner is doing this for the star salesperson.  The rest of us get nothing. Miffed Dear Miffed, There are federal rules that require an employer to treat all employees who are similar (i.e. […]

Affordable Care Act: made one change to flexible spending accounts

How does the Affordable Care Act affect my flexible spending account? Healthy Planner Dear Healthy Planner, Short answer: not much.  Under the Affordable Care Act, medical flexible spending accounts (also known as reimbursement accounts) continue to operate as they have in the past but the maximum annual benefit is capped at $2,500. The services and […]