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Affordable Care Act: Subsidies offered to non-citizens

“Can a Canadian Citizen working on a Visa in the U.S buy Health Insurance through the State Insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act?” Canuck in Maine Dear Canuck in Maine,   According to Congressional Research Service, people who are legally present in the United States can buy health insurance through the state insurance exchanges. This […]

Affordable Care Act: Subsidies offered to the self-employed

“My family has me, my husband, and our 13-year-old son.  When we apply for a subsidy, can we all apply or do you need to be employed in order to get it?   It looks like the whole family can apply, but I’m not sure.  My husband is a sole proprietor and that is our only […]

Affordable Care Act: how to find a health plan

“I need to find health insurance. Currently, I am not covered. I’m working with a contractor and their insurance is expensive. Can you suggest what I need to do now?” Working but Uninsured   Dear Working but Uninsured,  If you are not offered an employer-based plan and you earn less than 400% of Federal Poverty […]

Get help for anxiety first, take care of the bills later

“I am a 26 year old male. I have not been insured since I was in the 11th grade and have not been to a doctor of any kind since then. I cannot afford to go to the doctor for it but I know I have severe anxiety.  I cannot get a job because of […]

Affordable Care Act: Low-cost, catastrophic plan for the under-30 crowd

“Should I purchase a low cost health care plan?  I’m 26, unemployed, uninsured, single, and have no kids. I was laid off this year at the end of April and just recently did a contract job that lasted 3 months. So I haven’t had a steady income this year and don’t plan on taking a […]

Medicaid and marriage — what might change

“I have three children and am on Medicaid.  My boyfriend wants to get married, but I’m afraid that I’ll lose my Medicaid.  What should I do?” Maybe Wedding Belle Dear Maybe Wedding Belle, If you get married, your new spouse’s income would get factored into your Medicaid application. Your new (presumably higher) income may be […]

Affordable Care Act: Income estimating for students

  “I am a college student in Alabama and I’m trying to find a better healthcare plan for myself starting in January.  I’m currently in graduate school full time trying to finish, and I am unemployed.  I get financial aid, and my mom is willing to still help me pay for my insurance.  What do […]

Drug coverage changes — how to find out

“My 49-year-old son is on SSDI and Medicare. He has a chronic condition for which he takes Clozapine, and has been taking it for many years. My worry is that it will not end up in the basket of allowable medications! How can we find out?”  Crossing Fingers in Maryland Dear Crossing Fingers in Maryland, […]

Affordable Care: Some plans still don’t cover pre-existing conditions

“I am 24 years old, epileptic and have not had continuous insurance throughout my college life. I finally got a job that offers insurance and they told me they will not cover my preexisting condition for a year. They also will not cover any physicals. I am dependent on medication and my low income clinic […]

Tricare rules different from private plan/ Affordable Care Act rules

“My 19-year-old daughter is currently in school but will not be returning next semester. Can I still cover her under Tricare prime even if she is not registered full time in school?”  Dad in Mississippi Yes, your 19-year-old daughter can stay on your Tricare plan, even if she is not in school. Under Tricare Prime, […]