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Obamacare: health care still too costly

My 34-year-old daughter (she is single) owned a business. It did not succeed. After closing the business January 1st, it took her 3 1/2 months to find a job. Before finding the job she applied for ObamaCare. Her coverage kicks in May 1st but she will be forced to cancel it because the job she […]

Obamacare: on the edge between private plan and Medicaid

I live in California, am single, and have no children.  I can only find part-time work, and make about $13,000 a year.  Someone told me that if I could get my income higher, I could get regular health insurance instead of being put on Medicaid.  Regular insurance sounds a lot better.  I hear that almost […]

Obamacare: options for single parent in California

How do I find an affordable health plan as a single parent in California?  Dude and Dad Dear Dude and Dad, If you do not have an employer plan offered to you, your first stop is  Covered California™ | Affordable Health Insurance which is your state’s health insurance “exchange”.    There, you will answer basic […]

Obamacare: have to sign up for plan before coverage starts

When doctors provide free health care to patients who cannot afford to pay and do not have insurance, should the healthcare provider require that the patient sign up for ACA insurance (or Medicare/Medicaid) within X days in lieu of a bill? Inquisitive in Indiana Dear Inquisitive in Indiana, Almost no health insurer will sell a […]

Obamacare: short term disability benefit can be “income”

Is employer based short-term disability payments (Sickpay) reportable income on Obamacare? Kim in Michigan Dear Kim, The answer is “it depends”. If your short term disability plan is entirely paid for by your employer, then the benefit (sick pay) would be taxable income. If you pay for the plan in after-tax dollars, then the benefit […]

Obamacare: spouse on Social Security disability, hubby needs health plan

My wife is on Social Security disability. Do I claim her income for health care under Obamacare? Washington Stater Dear Washington Stater, The answer is yes, you will count your wife’s Social Security income in your household income for your health insurance subsidy application. The Affordable Care Act’s definition of modified adjusted gross income includes […]

Annual physical — not all tests are “preventive”

I’m 57 and get regular annual physicals. The Doctor is part of my network. Part of my annual physical was a blood test, which I assumed was preventive maintenance and therefore covered. I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic which will require semi-annual blood tests. I have another scheduled for May. I ended up having to pay […]

Obamacare: stay-at-home mom’s household income

I have insurance under my job but my wife is not covered under my insurance. She does not work, she is a stay-at-home mom and receives no income. I am the only one receiving income under my household. Can my wife qualify for Obamacare on her own? Breadwinner in Georgia Dear Breadwinner in Georgia, I […]