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Obamacare: it’s still legal to have no health insurance

When will it be illegal to have no health insurance?  Legal Beagle Dear Legal Beagle, Never.  It will always be legal to go uninsured, but starting January 1, 2014, some people who go without health insurance will have to pay a tax penalty. In order to be hit with the penalty, you must Be a […]

Obamacare: one plan for both spouses, or one plan per person

I’m 51 and my wife is 47.  Under what conditions would my wife and I be better of getting two individual low deductible/low out-of-pocket plans vs one identical family plan, if the total premiums are identical? Figuring It Out In Florida Dear Figuring It Out In Florida Given that you have just two adults to […]

Obamacare: coverage for prenatal and maternity care

How has Obamacare changed prenatal and maternity insurance options? Family Planner Dear Family Planner, Under the reform laws, all health plans must cover prenatal and maternity services.  This will not be a change for the vast majority employer-based group plans, since these had to be covered as any other illness under previous non-discrimination laws.  (A […]

Coverage for mentally ill 21-year-old

My stepson is 21 years old.  He is unemployed and has schizoid-affective disorder.  His mother told him that his father (my husband) is required to put him on health insurance or pay the penalty.  I told him that we can put him on our insurance because he is under 26 but it would be wiser […]

Obamacare: How business’s costs are affected

There is so much arguing about health reform and how much it will cost everyone.  I don’t really understand it all.  Can you explain to me how Obamacare increases a business’s health insurance costs? Looking For Straight Scoop Dear Looking For Straight Scoop, Health reform might increase a business’s health insurance costs, or it might […]

Obamacare: State lines still limit health plan options

I live in California, but Texas has an insurance plan that suits me.  Their plan covers international travel, which I do several times a year for my job.  Can I go to and buy that plan from Texas? Briefcase Suitcase Dear Briefcase Suitcase, Health reform left state regulation of health insurance intact. So, your […]

Obamacare: COBRA and exchange plans are open options

I just ended my job and got the COBRA notice.  Do I have to take the COBRA plan or can I go to the exchange to get something cheaper?  I heard something about having a group plan means you are not allowed to go to the exchange.  So if the COBRA plan counts, I’m stuck […]

Obamacare: not all plans meet the standards, may be cheaper

Suppose my wife and I are both 40 years old and in good health. We want to buy a catastrophic health insurance plan, and we are willing to pay the penalty for not following the ObamaCare individual mandate. Is there a plan available? Wants Reasonable Insurance Dear Wants Reasonable Insurance,  Whether a “non-qualified” health plan […]