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Affordable Care Act: Not all colonoscopies are “preventive”

I would like to see you do research and topic of colonoscopy on patients that have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis previously.  Getting insurances to cover for these people is not good.  They have to pay their high deductibles,(mine is $2500)therefore really is not affordable for most. Insurances feel that colonoscopies are diagnostic not preventive […]

Health reform: household income for two, insurance coverage for one

My work offers health insurance only for me, not for my husband. Is it ok for my husband to get individual health insurance and put only his income? Michigan Employee Dear Michigan Employee, Your household income will include both yours and your husband’s income, because you are married. The household income and number of people […]

Obamacare: doctor’s office visits are covered

Does Obamacare pay for doctor’s office visits?  Two years away from Medicare Dear Two years away from Medicare, Yes, sort of.  Obamacare is the slang name for the whole health reform law and its implications.  So, technically, the answer is no, Obamacare does not directly pay for physician visits.  The law itself does require that […]

Health insurance subsidies: how to count people for income, benefit plan

I am currently working and my family health insurance is covered through my employer (large over 5000 workers).  I am considering retiring this next year.  I am eligible for Medicare but my wife is not, nor is our 13 year old adopted daughter.  My question is this:  When using the cost estimators they want to […]

Obamacare: it’s still legal to have no health insurance

When will it be illegal to have no health insurance?  Legal Beagle Dear Legal Beagle, Never.  It will always be legal to go uninsured, but starting January 1, 2014, some people who go without health insurance will have to pay a tax penalty. In order to be hit with the penalty, you must Be a […]