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Easy-to-understand description of those strange words that health insurers use.

Pre-existing conditions — what’s the big deal

I don’t understand why health insurers won’t take pre-existing conditions.  I have diabetes but otherwise I’m healthy as a horse.  I haven’t been in a hospital or emergency room in years.  Why is it such a big deal? Diabetes No Biggie Dear Diabetes No Biggie, Kudos to you for managing your diabetes successfully. Health insurers […]

Should employer pay when you leave their health plan?

I’ll be getting married in 37 days and 14 hours (but who’s counting?).  I’m planning to go onto my husband’s health plan.  I told HR this, and they said, “Oh, we’ll save some money on you then!”  I didn’t say anything, but aren’t they supposed to pay me the money they would have paid for […]

Crone’s disease treatment is done — is it a pre-existing condition?

Is Crone’s Disease a pre-existing condition if I have been discharged from further treatment? I’m worried that I won’t be able to get health insurance, even though I’m perfectly fine! Crone Free Dear Crone Free, The pre-existing condition problem only arises when you change health plans.  And it’s only a problem until January 2014, when […]

Deductible, out-of-pocket — where does it end?

I recently had a day surgery, and am now getting all of the bills.  I thought that I would be paying the $1,000 deductible and I’d be done.  I’m trying to understand the letters from the plan, which show that I should be paying more than $1,000 with my “out-of-pocket”.  What is the difference between […]

When dental care is covered by the health plan

My one-year-old daughter was diagnosed with dentinogenesis imperfecta; her teeth will be weak, soft, and discolored.  Treatment will have to be done for her baby teeth and her adult teeth.  We don’t have a dental plan.  Is it possible that our medical plan would pay for this? Thin Smile Dear Thin Smile, Yes, it is […]

Health insurance for new (unemployed) college grad

My son will be graduating from college soon, and does not have a job lined up yet.  He had the student health insurance plan, which he will lose when he is no longer a student.  He got a flyer about short term health insurance.  It looks terrific and the price is very reasonable.  How is […]

Health reform – subsidies for low-income families

Is it true that a family of four with an annual income of $32,000 will pay only $85 a month for health insurance, under Obamacare?  I would be able to drop out of my employer’s plan, which costs me $400 a month now. Counting Chickens  Dear Counting Chickens, There are a lot of numbers flying […]