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Affordable Care Act: how your income affects your plan options

How does one’s social economic status affect one’s health insurance options in the United States? Curious Dear Curious, With health reform (also known as Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act), a person’s income affects how much he pays for his own health insurance.  The person is still free to choose a plan that suits him, […]

Obamacare: options for 75-year-old not on Medicare

What are health insurance options for a 75-year-old woman who is not currently eligible for Medicare? Still Spry Dear Still Spry, Your options depend in part on your income and where you live.  If your income from Social Security and other retirement sources is more than $15,282 a year, then you can qualify for government […]

Affordable Care Act: Getting covered after world tour

If I’ve been traveling this year outside the U.S. but am returning in mid-2014, can I buy health insurance when I get back?  I read something about open enrollment ending, and am afraid I’m shut out until 2015. Wandered Dear Wandered, There is a special rule for U.S. citizens who have been living outside of […]

Affordable Care Act: treatment abroad not changed

How does the Affordable Care Act impact people seeking treatment abroad? Will Travel Dear Will Travel, Health plans generally do not cover treatment from hospitals and doctors outside the United States, aside from emergency care.  The Affordable Care Act has standards for covered services and benefit limits.  However, it does not require plans to pay […]