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Affordable Care Act: Not all colonoscopies are “preventive”

I would like to see you do research and topic of colonoscopy on patients that have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis previously.  Getting insurances to cover for these people is not good.  They have to pay their high deductibles,(mine is $2500)therefore really is not affordable for most. Insurances feel that colonoscopies are diagnostic not preventive […]

Medical tourism — getting surgery cheaper elsewhere

Which health insurance providers have provisions that allow for medical tourism?  I’ve heard that hip surgery is much cheaper in other countries, and I’m going to need it soon. Have Hip, Will Travel Dear Have Hip, Will Travel,  Medical tourism is going to another country for medical care.  It is popular for cosmetic procedures or […]

Obamacare: Choosing a plan as an organ transplant patient

Hello from Texas! What would be the best insurances to get as an organ transplant post-patient? I am considering either Blue Shield/Blue Cross or Aetna under PPO category (not HMO). Your input would be much appreciated! Lone Star State Survivor Dear Lone Star State Survivor, Because of health reform, you will find that plans are […]

Obamacare: when you can drop your plan

What month can I drop health insurance? Going Bare Dear Going Bare,    There are lots of reasons that dropping your health plan at any time is unwise.  But to answer your question: You can go for up to three months without health insurance, and still not have to pay the penalty/ tax.  You drop […]

Obamacare: Catholic group can skip birth control benefit, court decides

“Can I get a health insurance plan that does not cover birth control?  I’m Catholic and do not want my money going for something that I disagree with. “ Praying in the Midwest Dear Praying in the Midwest, Health reform made birth control a “preventive” benefit, and therefore required health plans to cover it.  Catholic […]

Medicare Part D: ratings for insurers are available

“Fire, car insurance companies have ratings on their response to paying claims from a consumer point of view. Do such surveys exist for insurance companies in the Medicare Part D carrier biz? Paying more for a policy is OK if that company is more apt to provide an expensive drug if needed. Newly approved drugs […]

Drug coverage changes — how to find out

“My 49-year-old son is on SSDI and Medicare. He has a chronic condition for which he takes Clozapine, and has been taking it for many years. My worry is that it will not end up in the basket of allowable medications! How can we find out?”  Crossing Fingers in Maryland Dear Crossing Fingers in Maryland, […]

Affordable Care: Some plans still don’t cover pre-existing conditions

“I am 24 years old, epileptic and have not had continuous insurance throughout my college life. I finally got a job that offers insurance and they told me they will not cover my preexisting condition for a year. They also will not cover any physicals. I am dependent on medication and my low income clinic […]