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Obamacare: when you can drop your plan

What month can I drop health insurance? Going Bare Dear Going Bare,    There are lots of reasons that dropping your health plan at any time is unwise.  But to answer your question: You can go for up to three months without health insurance, and still not have to pay the penalty/ tax.  You drop […]

Five-day gap in coverage not easy to fix

Does any company offer extremely short-term catastrophic health insurance? By “extremely short-term,” I mean 5 days. That’s how long a gap I have coming up in September. A 1-month policy that can be canceled with a pro-rata refund after 5 days would also do. Quick Turnaround Dear Quick Turnaround, Health insurers do not generally sell […]

Dirigo plan ending — now what?

My daughter, age 27 and currently unemployed (because of an injury), is on Dirigo. When I first got her on, she had just finished school and started a new job that didn’t include a health insurance benefit.  What will happen to her once the Dirigo plan ends at the end of 2013?  What will her […]

Dropping off and back on to company plan

Background: I voluntarily dropped family health insurance coverage with my employer when our budget got tight a few years back. My wife covers herself and our daughters through her employer.  I’ve remained on my employer’s policy. I now either want this coverage back or compensation for giving it up. Co-workers have family coverage partly paid […]

Switching from individual plan to group is okay

What will happen if I give up my self-paid private health insurance, and join the plan through my wife’s new employer?   Suppose I have an MRI done, and find that I need back surgery or physical therapy.  What if she leaves her job and we move to another state? Will I be considered a risk […]

Obamacare: cancer diagnosis won’t limit plan options

A friend of mine has been diagnosed with brain cancer. Her insurance company is ending all plans by the end of 2013. What are her options at that time? Can she qualify for Affordable Care in 2014? Future Survivor’s Friend Dear Future Survivor’s Friend, As of January 1, 2014, insurers cannot turn anyone away for […]

Should employer pay when you leave their health plan?

I’ll be getting married in 37 days and 14 hours (but who’s counting?).  I’m planning to go onto my husband’s health plan.  I told HR this, and they said, “Oh, we’ll save some money on you then!”  I didn’t say anything, but aren’t they supposed to pay me the money they would have paid for […]

Health plan for person with MS

I have MS and no health insurance.  I lost health insurance when I had to leave my job.  How can I get coverage? Not Sure Where To Turn Dear Not Sure Where To Turn, It depends what state you live in. In some states, insurers have to offer you a plan though they may be […]