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Unemployed, homeless – how to get mental health care

How can an unemployed and homeless young adult that is still under their parent’s health insurance get medical attention for mental health issues if they cannot pay for the doctor’s visit? Couch Surfer Dear Couch Surfer, Your parent’s health plan, if it meets health reform standards, covers mental health care.  Mental health and substance abuse […]

College requires more health insurance than Obamacare

My girlfriend’s university plan requires a $2,000 out of pocket maximum, and strict limits on how high the deductible can be. These limits are written for individual plans, but she can be covered on her family’s insurance through work. There’s no plan in the state her parents work in that satisfies the school’s requirements (even […]

Affordable Care Act: when the individual mandate does not apply

I lost my job in January, got evicted from my apartment in February, and have been couch surfing ever since. With all of that going on, I have paid no attention to my health insurance. I couldn’t have afforded anything anyway. I’m hoping to get a job with benefits soon, but who knows how long […]

Obamacare: missed open enrollment, what to do next

What options do uninsured people have at this point?  I gave up on dealing with the website and the waiting on hold forever at healthcare.gov.  So I did not end up with any plan at all.  What should I do? Halfway There Dear Halfway There, Your options depend upon where you live and how much […]

Who is watching the bills?

Whose responsibility is it to monitor accurate procedure coding for a patient’s billing and account? Can the patient reasonably be expected to audit and enforce correct coding?  Is there a source of transparent codes/procedures (along with what is covered by an individual’s policy) that consumers can access? Watchful Wonderer Dear Watchful Wonderer, The patient cannot […]

Obamacare: have to sign up for plan before coverage starts

When doctors provide free health care to patients who cannot afford to pay and do not have insurance, should the healthcare provider require that the patient sign up for ACA insurance (or Medicare/Medicaid) within X days in lieu of a bill? Inquisitive in Indiana Dear Inquisitive in Indiana, Almost no health insurer will sell a […]

Obamacare: old plan ending, what to do now

I have health insurance already through the company I work for but I can’t afford the deductible. I have had some issues with the hospital telling me I need to pay $2,500.00 since I have a $2,000.00 deductible and can’t afford it. It seems my insurance don’t cover much of anything to be honest so […]

Obamacare: the gap between Medicaid and exchange

My family and I Iive in Indiana. My spouse is on SSI and gets a weekly Worker Comp check, both are non- taxable. Our 14 year old son and I were told we don’t qualify for anything in the Affordable Care Act . I was told to sign up for Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) for […]

Affordable Care Act: Some low-income folks will stay uninsured

“I’m 59 years old and was in a training program for older workers Title V. It ended October 4 2013. The only income I have is food stamps. How do I get health insurance?”    Wondering in Tennessee Dear Wondering in Tennessee, Sorry to say, the answer is you probably won’t get health insurance.  Tennessee is […]

Need foot surgery, no insurance — what next?

“I fainted due to my blood pressure dropping and in the process I fractured my foot (Lis franc fracture). I was transported to the hospital by ambulance. After some tests, they found that my blood pressure drop was due to being dehydrated. After a CT scan, they found the fracture and said that they were […]