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Kids away at college need new health plan

I have employer sponsored health insurance, family plan. The only plan offered is an HMO. I have two children ages 18 and 20 both residing outside of the state of Connecticut (where I live and work), full-time students at college. This health plan will not cover anything outside of the state of Connecticut unless it […]

Obamacare: when to drop your child

When do I have to drop my child from my health plan at work? Cutting The Ties Dear Cutting The Ties, In most states and situations, your insurer will drop your child the month after he or she turns 26.  If your plan offers COBRA, then COBRA would be available.  Some states require insurers to allow […]

College requires more health insurance than Obamacare

My girlfriend’s university plan requires a $2,000 out of pocket maximum, and strict limits on how high the deductible can be. These limits are written for individual plans, but she can be covered on her family’s insurance through work. There’s no plan in the state her parents work in that satisfies the school’s requirements (even […]

Coverage for mentally ill 21-year-old

My stepson is 21 years old.  He is unemployed and has schizoid-affective disorder.  His mother told him that his father (my husband) is required to put him on health insurance or pay the penalty.  I told him that we can put him on our insurance because he is under 26 but it would be wiser […]

Obamacare: college student falls into gap between Medicaid and exchange plans

My 21-year-old son is currently an unemployed student at Avila University in Kansas City Missouri and has no health coverage.  What are his options? Studious Parent  Dear Studious Parent, I’m guessing from your question that neither parent has a group health plan that would cover him.  That is likely to be the least expensive option.  […]

Affordable Care Act: What to do at age 26

My daughter will be turning 26 in October and lives in New York.  She in unmarried, unemployed, and a single mother. My daughter and my grandson live with me.  She is currently covered under her father’s health insurance.  He lives in Connecticut, but works in New York.  He has been notified she will not be […]

Affordable Care Act: Income estimating for students

  “I am a college student in Alabama and I’m trying to find a better healthcare plan for myself starting in January.  I’m currently in graduate school full time trying to finish, and I am unemployed.  I get financial aid, and my mom is willing to still help me pay for my insurance.  What do […]

Tricare rules different from private plan/ Affordable Care Act rules

“My 19-year-old daughter is currently in school but will not be returning next semester. Can I still cover her under Tricare prime even if she is not registered full time in school?”  Dad in Mississippi Yes, your 19-year-old daughter can stay on your Tricare plan, even if she is not in school. Under Tricare Prime, […]

Affordable Care: Grad student can rejoin parent’s plan

“If a graduate student under age 26 goes under medical leave, can they go back under their parents’ insurance?”  School Interrupted Dear School Interrupted, I am assuming that the student was eligible for insurance from the school, and loses the school’s plan by going onto a medical leave. If that is the case, then yes, […]

Getting cash instead of health insurance

I get health insurance through my parents because I’m under 26.  My employer offers insurance, which I do not take – saving them a lot of money.  Can I demand a raise since they don’t have to pay for my insurance? Feeling Gipped Dear Feeling Gipped, Some employers offer workers “benefit dollars”. If the person […]