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Obamacare: options for single parent in California

How do I find an affordable health plan as a single parent in California?  Dude and Dad Dear Dude and Dad, If you do not have an employer plan offered to you, your first stop is  Covered California™ | Affordable Health Insurance which is your state’s health insurance “exchange”.    There, you will answer basic […]

Obamacare: Act now before open enrollment ends

I receive SS benefits due to disability in the amount of $28,800 a year. My wife does not work. Will we be eligible for a subsidy for her insurance? Dead Stick in Texas Dear Dead Stick, Yes, she will be able to get a subsidy for her health insurance as long as she does not […]

Obamacare: the gap between Medicaid and exchange

My family and I Iive in Indiana. My spouse is on SSI and gets a weekly Worker Comp check, both are non- taxable. Our 14 year old son and I were told we don’t qualify for anything in the Affordable Care Act . I was told to sign up for Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) for […]

Obamacare: one plan for both spouses, or one plan per person

I’m 51 and my wife is 47.  Under what conditions would my wife and I be better of getting two individual low deductible/low out-of-pocket plans vs one identical family plan, if the total premiums are identical? Figuring It Out In Florida Dear Figuring It Out In Florida Given that you have just two adults to […]

Obamacare: State lines still limit health plan options

I live in California, but Texas has an insurance plan that suits me.  Their plan covers international travel, which I do several times a year for my job.  Can I go to ehealthinsurance.com and buy that plan from Texas? Briefcase Suitcase Dear Briefcase Suitcase, Health reform left state regulation of health insurance intact. So, your […]

Obamacare: why the exchanges are government-run

Why does Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) require the creation of government exchanges? Why not allow private sites like ehealthinsurance dot com to sell subsidized plans if they meet the requirements? Dot Gov Skeptic Dear Dot Gov Skeptic, You raise an excellent question!  I’m no computer techie, but I’m guessing that the government felt it had […]

Obamacare: Choosing a plan as an organ transplant patient

Hello from Texas! What would be the best insurances to get as an organ transplant post-patient? I am considering either Blue Shield/Blue Cross or Aetna under PPO category (not HMO). Your input would be much appreciated! Lone Star State Survivor Dear Lone Star State Survivor, Because of health reform, you will find that plans are […]

Obamacare: getting subsidies at tax filing time

My income is all over the place from one year to the next because I am a serial entrepreneur — I start businesses all the time.  I’m afraid to buy my health plan on the exchange, for fear I’ll have a good year and then not qualify for the subsidy.  If I buy “off exchange” […]