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Affordable Care Act: COBRA on offer, can still go to exchange

I just lost my health insurance through my employer, who is now offering me COBRA.  Does this disqualify me for subsidies through the insurance marketplace? In Limbo Dear In Limbo, You will still qualify for subsidized health insurance from the exchange, while your COBRA offer is still on the table (i.e. for the 18 months).  […]

Obamacare: COBRA and exchange plans are open options

I just ended my job and got the COBRA notice.  Do I have to take the COBRA plan or can I go to the exchange to get something cheaper?  I heard something about having a group plan means you are not allowed to go to the exchange.  So if the COBRA plan counts, I’m stuck […]

Affordable Care Act: COBRA ending in 2013, what to do until 2014

My COBRA is ending and I have pre-existing conditions. I will turn 65 next February. What should I do between my COBRA ending and Medicare starting? Betwixt and Between Dear Betwixt and Between, As long as you do not have a gap of 63 days between your COBRA ending and your next plan starting, your […]

Five-day gap in coverage not easy to fix

Does any company offer extremely short-term catastrophic health insurance? By “extremely short-term,” I mean 5 days. That’s how long a gap I have coming up in September. A 1-month policy that can be canceled with a pro-rata refund after 5 days would also do. Quick Turnaround Dear Quick Turnaround, Health insurers do not generally sell […]

Switching from individual plan to group is okay

What will happen if I give up my self-paid private health insurance, and join the plan through my wife’s new employer?   Suppose I have an MRI done, and find that I need back surgery or physical therapy.  What if she leaves her job and we move to another state? Will I be considered a risk […]