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Medicare Part D: ratings for insurers are available

“Fire, car insurance companies have ratings on their response to paying claims from a consumer point of view. Do such surveys exist for insurance companies in the Medicare Part D carrier biz? Paying more for a policy is OK if that company is more apt to provide an expensive drug if needed. Newly approved drugs […]

Affordable Care: parent on Medicare/Medicaid, son needs options

I am a 20 year old male in Missouri.  For Obama Care will I be exempt?  It states that a child can be on the parent’s plan until age 26, but my mother gets Medicare and Medicaid and I do not qualify for either of these programs.  I make about $8,000 a year and am […]

Obamacare and retirees

When I retired at age 62, my employer’s retiree plan was too expensive.  I’ve been going without, hoping to make it until 65 when I’ll get Medicare.  With all of the talk about Obamacare, I started wondering if any changes take place with employer insurance on retirees.  If so how and what? Counting the months […]

Qualifying for Medicaid – now and under Obamacare

I had to quit my job to take care of my elderly mother.  Frankly, I thought by the time that my 18 months of COBRA coverage ended, I would be back at work.  But my mother is still alive, though failing.   I don’t want to wish that my mother would die, so that I can […]

Wrong diagnosis leads to higher long term care rates

My husband and I applied for long term care insurance.  We did the medical questionnaire and waited for what we thought would be good news from the insurer – we hoped to get their “preferred” rates, since we both have excellent health.  The insurer came back and said they’d give my husband “standard” rates (higher […]