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Employer missed health insurance payments – what to do

I just found out that my employer has not been paying for my health insurance for the past seven months.  Should I try to get the $1,400 they “saved” or just be glad that they put me back on the plan? Unpleasantly Surprised Dear Unpleasantly Surprised, If you think this was a simple clerical error, […]

Affordable Care Act: Getting covered after world tour

If I’ve been traveling this year outside the U.S. but am returning in mid-2014, can I buy health insurance when I get back?  I read something about open enrollment ending, and am afraid I’m shut out until 2015. Wandered Dear Wandered, There is a special rule for U.S. citizens who have been living outside of […]

Affordable Care Act: employer plan costs too much

Can you drop out of your health plan at work when it costs too much? Making Ends Meet Dear Making Ends Meet, You can drop out of your employer’s plan if you are paying part of the cost.  Your employer will ask you for a reason.  They are looking for a “family status change” or […]

Affordable Care Act: How will IRS find out I was uninsured?

I’m a struggling art student, and barely noticed the whole hullabaloo over Obamacare earlier this year.  I’m too late to get a plan now and I doubt I could have afforded it anyway.  How will the IRS ever know that I had no insurance? Creative Spirit Dear Creative Spirit, You ask a very good question, […]

Obamacare: missed open enrollment, what to do next

What options do uninsured people have at this point?  I gave up on dealing with the website and the waiting on hold forever at healthcare.gov.  So I did not end up with any plan at all.  What should I do? Halfway There Dear Halfway There, Your options depend upon where you live and how much […]

Obamacare: Can’t afford plan, what now?

I’m self-employed and earn little. I can no longer afford health insurance premiums. What should I do? Does your AGI from last year affect your options, whatever they are? Mine was less than 20K.   I have BCBS and continued the same plan I had before. Deductible about $10,000 aside from the premium. I’m afraid to […]

Obamacare: health care still too costly

My 34-year-old daughter (she is single) owned a business. It did not succeed. After closing the business January 1st, it took her 3 1/2 months to find a job. Before finding the job she applied for ObamaCare. Her coverage kicks in May 1st but she will be forced to cancel it because the job she […]

Obamacare: married, but buying single coverage

I am 56 years old, married, and live in North Carolina.  Can I get my own health insurance or do I have to get health insurance with my husband?  Independent Wife Dear Independent Wife, Yes, you can get your health insurance separate from your husband.  There are many situations where this happens: one spouse is […]