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Affordable Care Act: How to estimate income for subsidies

“In order for an individual to receive a subsidy which income is relevant, that of 2013 or of 2014?” New Yorker  Dear New Yorker, You want to estimate your 2014 income, when you are applying for government subsidies to pay for your health plan.  The insurance marketplace uses Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI). Here is […]

Affordable Care Act: Finding a non-compliant plan

“Is it possible to buy non-ACA compliant health insurance for 2014 and just pay the fine? I am currently on a catastrophic insurance plan that will no longer be offered in 2014. I have a low enough income (grad student) that the 1% penalty is not much compared to the cost of the insurance. I […]

Correction: coverage for naturopathic doctors

I see a Naturopathic doctor for irritable bowel syndrome.  It’s the only thing that works, and I’ve tried everything.  I haven’t had health insurance in years, but I will be getting one thanks to Obamacare.  I’ll be going to the exchange, as soon as it starts working.  Will I be able to find a plan […]

Obamacare: coverage for free? Not exactly . . .

I work part-time and don’t qualify for the plan at my work.  I’ve heard that in 2014, I’ll be able to get health insurance practically for free.  Is that true? I’m healthy as a horse, but I might get the insurance if it’s not expensive.   Where will I get it, if it’s not through my […]