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Affrordable Care Act: Medicare Part D donut hole disappearing

Why is there a doughnut hole in Medicare’s drug coverage? Puzzled Dear Puzzled, The doughnut hole design allows the program to manage its outlay for high-cost/ high-need members.  After the member has reached the doughnut hole, he or she is “back on the hook” for some of the drug costs.  Thus, the member has a […]

Obamacare: plan cost tripled, how to maximize Medicare benefit

I have scleroderma. I’ve been on Medicare about six years now, and also have another health plan.   I kept the other health plan because Medicare would not pay for the drug I need for my scleroderma.  I take Viagra which keeps blood flowing to my extremities do I don’t lose them! My health plan was […]

Medicare Part D: ratings for insurers are available

“Fire, car insurance companies have ratings on their response to paying claims from a consumer point of view. Do such surveys exist for insurance companies in the Medicare Part D carrier biz? Paying more for a policy is OK if that company is more apt to provide an expensive drug if needed. Newly approved drugs […]

Employer plan turning 67-year-old away

My husband is 67 and still works full-time.  He had kept health insurance from the company he retired from, instead of taking the new company’s plan.  His old company is now going bankrupt and the retiree medical plan is going away.  His current company has told him that he cannot enroll in their plan.  They […]