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Obamacare: Don’t need employer’s health plan, do need work hours

“I currently have Medicare and Veterans Medical Benefits.  I work part time but my hours have been cut from 30 to 24 because my employer does not want to run the risk of my going over 30 hours.  If I already have VA and Medicare, does the rule apply to me stating that my employer […]

Affordable Care: Options for self-employed/ part-timer

I am currently self-employed and work a small part time job.  My income is about $30,000 per year. I am covered as a domestic partner insurance and need to find insurance on my own.  How will Obamacare help me find affordable insurance? Squeaking By Dear Squeaking By, There is nothing in health reform that would […]

Obamacare: coverage for free? Not exactly . . .

I work part-time and don’t qualify for the plan at my work.  I’ve heard that in 2014, I’ll be able to get health insurance practically for free.  Is that true? I’m healthy as a horse, but I might get the insurance if it’s not expensive.   Where will I get it, if it’s not through my […]

Obamacare and union plan

Will all members of the Motion Picture Industry Union be able to buy health insurance through Obamacare if they do not have enough hours? Tending Bar Between Takes Dear Tending Bar Between Takes, The union is not itself an employer and therefore does not have to offer its plan to “full-timers” under health reform.  According […]

Obamacare: full-timers can turn down health insurance but . . . .

Can an employee forfeit their medical benefits to get more than 30 hours per week?  I need the income more than I need the insurance, but how can I get one without the other? Trading Off in Massachusetts Dear Trading Off in Massachusetts, I’m going to answer this from the vantage point of federal health […]

Which companies have to offer a health plan

How many employees does a company have to have in order to be required to offer health insurance?  I work for a big outfit in the tourist industry.  I’m wondering whether I’ll be getting health insurance next year. Still Uninsured Dear Still Uninsured, In 2014, the federal health reform will require companies with 50 or […]

Obamacare: not all employers have to offer a plan

Will hourly employees get medical insurance with the health reform changes?  Right now, my employer gives the salaried people health insurance but not the hourly people.  Most of the hourly people are like me and work anywhere from 25 to 40 hours a week, depending on the workload.  I’d love to get onto their plan! […]

Obamacare and part-timers

I work 30 hours per week, which is less than full-time at my company.  Therefore, I do not qualify for the group health plan.  Will they have to offer me the plan, after health reform kicks in?  I’m covered by my husband’s plan, but I think my company’s plan is better than his. Almost Full […]