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Obamacare: did not change Medigap plans

I have a friend whose husband is dying.  He is getting a lot of medical care, including stuff that Medicare does not cover.  It’s costing them a lot of money.  They are both in their 70′s, retired to New Mexico, and never bought a Medicare supplemental plan.  Can they buy one now?  And would his […]

Obamacare: DNA tests not required

Should insurance companies be allowed to use DNA tests to decide how much to charge someone?  Insurance companies currently use such information as sex, age, preexisting medical conditions, BMI, smoking, and other factors to set rates for individuals on the basis that these factors effect the likelihood of payouts. DNA information can show genetic likelihood […]

Affordable Care Act: Not all colonoscopies are “preventive”

I would like to see you do research and topic of colonoscopy on patients that have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis previously.  Getting insurances to cover for these people is not good.  They have to pay their high deductibles,(mine is $2500)therefore really is not affordable for most. Insurances feel that colonoscopies are diagnostic not preventive […]

Obamacare: Choosing a plan as an organ transplant patient

Hello from Texas! What would be the best insurances to get as an organ transplant post-patient? I am considering either Blue Shield/Blue Cross or Aetna under PPO category (not HMO). Your input would be much appreciated! Lone Star State Survivor Dear Lone Star State Survivor, Because of health reform, you will find that plans are […]

Affordable Care Act: Dirigo plan ended; college student needs new plan

“Help…I insured my 18-year-old daughter on the former – “Dirigo Choice Health Plan” which ended December 31st, 2013.  She is now a college student in New Hampshire full time.  She has a shoulder condition for which she’s previously had labrum surgery and will probably need more surgery in the future.  She also has allergy/asthma/immunology conditions […]

Affordable Care Act: COBRA too expensive, what to do

“My wife is 62 years old and has been unemployed for nearly three months.  She went from full time, to medical leave and then to being unemployed.  She has been waiting to see if she is able to draw unemployment while she looks for a job.  So, she is currently earning no income and my […]