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Obamacare: coverage for prenatal and maternity care

How has Obamacare changed prenatal and maternity insurance options? Family Planner Dear Family Planner, Under the reform laws, all health plans must cover prenatal and maternity services.  This will not be a change for the vast majority employer-based group plans, since these had to be covered as any other illness under previous non-discrimination laws.  (A […]

Obamacare: Catholic group can skip birth control benefit, court decides

“Can I get a health insurance plan that does not cover birth control?  I’m Catholic and do not want my money going for something that I disagree with. “ Praying in the Midwest Dear Praying in the Midwest, Health reform made birth control a “preventive” benefit, and therefore required health plans to cover it.  Catholic […]

Affordable Care Act: Waiting period for group plan, IVF services

Do companies who offer in vitro fertilization (IVF) as part of their health insurance require an employee to have been employed by them for a certain amount of time before being able to use this benefit? Hopeful Future Mom Dear Hopeful Future Mom, As a practical matter, the IVF benefit would be available to everyone […]

Pregnant and losing health coverage

I am currently 7 months pregnant, due at the end of October. My insurance through my school is running out this month. Since I’ll be delivering mid semester, I won’t be eligible to renew my insurance. What are my options as far as Obamacare is concerned? Should I wait until October 1st to see what […]

Uninsured and hoping to be pregnant soon

I was taking fertility drugs when I lost my job.  I’m still using my last prescription, and hope to become pregnant very soon.  Will I be able to get health insurance?  And will it cover the pregnancy? Waiting for Positive Test Dear Waiting for Positive Test, You should first consider continuing your old plan from […]

Moving to another state — what happens to Medicaid plan?

My daughter is pregnant and getting Medicaid coverage for her pre-natal care.  She will be moving to Ohio to be with the baby’s father.  Does she have to live in Ohio for a certain length of time before she can get Medicaid there?  I’m worried that her pre-natal care will get interrupted, and she’ll not […]