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Obamacare: getting subsidies at tax filing time

My income is all over the place from one year to the next because I am a serial entrepreneur — I start businesses all the time.  I’m afraid to buy my health plan on the exchange, for fear I’ll have a good year and then not qualify for the subsidy.  If I buy “off exchange” […]

Affordable Care Act: Subsidies offered to the self-employed

“My family has me, my husband, and our 13-year-old son.  When we apply for a subsidy, can we all apply or do you need to be employed in order to get it?   It looks like the whole family can apply, but I’m not sure.  My husband is a sole proprietor and that is our only […]

Affordable Care: Self-employed domestic partner may find cheaper coverage elsewhere

“I live with my partner and we are unmarried. We have two young children and my partner has another child aged 16 from her previous marriage.   I earn about $180,000 a year and she earns about $30,000 as a self- employed person.   My work provides health insurance on me for free. Up until now, I […]

Affordable Care Act: Estimating your income for 2014

What do I enter for annual income for a Medicaid application if i just started a job? New Recruit Dear New Recruit, You are far from alone in this question.  People have to estimate their 2014 annual income to apply for subsidies to pay for health insurance.  The same application determines whether they qualify for […]

Affordable Care: Options for self-employed/ part-timer

I am currently self-employed and work a small part time job.  My income is about $30,000 per year. I am covered as a domestic partner insurance and need to find insurance on my own.  How will Obamacare help me find affordable insurance? Squeaking By Dear Squeaking By, There is nothing in health reform that would […]

Obamacare — covering pre-existing conditions

I am uninsured with a pre-existing condition called AVM. It’s a congenital condition that gets worse over the years. I just learned that I need surgery, but first need to go through the pre-op stuff such as MRI’s with contrast, EKG’s, Stress Tests, etc., and then the surgery.   Now, of course, I need health insurance. […]