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Health coverage different for employee than for dependent

Is anyone else aware that the benefits of a health plan can be different for the enrolled employee versus the dependent?  How is this even legal in any state?  And disclosure is not required either.  This was a work-related injury. Fuming and Hurt Dear Fuming and Hurt, I  think what you have found is that […]

Employer missed health insurance payments – what to do

I just found out that my employer has not been paying for my health insurance for the past seven months.  Should I try to get the $1,400 they “saved” or just be glad that they put me back on the plan? Unpleasantly Surprised Dear Unpleasantly Surprised, If you think this was a simple clerical error, […]

Affordable Care Act: best plan depends on age, income, health

What is the best insurance option for someone who is self-employed and lives in Indiana? Salesman Dear Salesman, The best plan depends upon your age, your income, and your routine use of medical services.  First your age: if you are under age 30, you can choose a less expensive Catastrophic Plan.  This works well if […]

Obamacare: why insurers give money back/ medical loss ratio rules

What is the medical loss ratio?  And why is it part of health reform? Math Geek Dear Math Geek, The medical loss ratio is the proportion of the health plan’s revenues (income from plan members) that are spent on medical care — hospital bills, doctor bills, etc.  Insurers get to throw other things into this […]

Have Medicaid and private plan — who pays what

When a child has health insurance (from Dad’s work) and also Medicaid, which one pays for what?  Last month, my daughter’s dad showed up with an ID card for her.  She still has Medicaid.  What do I do?  Double Insured Daughter Dear Double Insured Daughter,  You only need to give both ID cards to the […]

Obamacare: How business’s costs are affected

There is so much arguing about health reform and how much it will cost everyone.  I don’t really understand it all.  Can you explain to me how Obamacare increases a business’s health insurance costs? Looking For Straight Scoop Dear Looking For Straight Scoop, Health reform might increase a business’s health insurance costs, or it might […]