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Have Medicaid and private plan — who pays what

When a child has health insurance (from Dad’s work) and also Medicaid, which one pays for what?  Last month, my daughter’s dad showed up with an ID card for her.  She still has Medicaid.  What do I do?  Double Insured Daughter Dear Double Insured Daughter,  You only need to give both ID cards to the […]

Obamacare: How business’s costs are affected

There is so much arguing about health reform and how much it will cost everyone.  I don’t really understand it all.  Can you explain to me how Obamacare increases a business’s health insurance costs? Looking For Straight Scoop Dear Looking For Straight Scoop, Health reform might increase a business’s health insurance costs, or it might […]

Obamacare: getting subsidies at tax filing time

My income is all over the place from one year to the next because I am a serial entrepreneur — I start businesses all the time.  I’m afraid to buy my health plan on the exchange, for fear I’ll have a good year and then not qualify for the subsidy.  If I buy “off exchange” […]

Obamacare – Profit from business sale counts as income

My husband is disabled and gets $1,008 per month. We sold our business last year but we are getting our last payment of $36,000 this year. Do we have to claim this as income? I should make around $30,000 this year. Do I put income as $42,000 or $78,000? Early Retiree in Missouri Dear Early […]

Affordable Care Act: Employer cannot pay for Exchange plan

“Can my employer subsidize the cost of insurance purchased through the California Exchange?“ West Coast Raisin   Dear West Coast Raisin,  The answer is kind of yes, kind of no.  Let me explain. Yes . . . Your employer can pay you whatever he wants to.  He can calculate it any way that makes sense […]

Affordable Care Act: how to find a health plan

“I need to find health insurance. Currently, I am not covered. I’m working with a contractor and their insurance is expensive. Can you suggest what I need to do now?” Working but Uninsured   Dear Working but Uninsured,  If you are not offered an employer-based plan and you earn less than 400% of Federal Poverty […]

Affordable Care: Self-employed domestic partner may find cheaper coverage elsewhere

“I live with my partner and we are unmarried. We have two young children and my partner has another child aged 16 from her previous marriage.   I earn about $180,000 a year and she earns about $30,000 as a self- employed person.   My work provides health insurance on me for free. Up until now, I […]

Affordable Care Act: Ending subsidies when new job starts

If someone doesn’t have insurance through his current employer and qualifies for a subsidy to purchase through the marketplace coverage but then gets a new job that offers insurance, do the subsidies stop? If so, how? Is the employee responsible for telling someone? And, if the employee doesn’t tell anyone and isn’t supposed to get […]