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How much you pay before the plan pays

Does the coinsurance on health insurance apply to the total medical charge or the discounted charge after the health plan’s discount?  For example, my insurance company says I owe 20% coinsurance on laboratory visits. The lab charged $200, and the insurance company disallowed $175, which means we have $25 left over. The insurance company says […]

Obamacare: no reasonable way to estimate saved or lost lives

Has anyone estimated the lives saved or lost under the Affordable Care Act relative to the healthcare situation before it was passed? Lives could be saved due to the increased number of Americans covered, the increased quality of the plans, or coverage for Americans with pre-existing conditions. Lives could be lost due to negative changes […]

Affordable Care Act: treatment abroad not changed

How does the Affordable Care Act impact people seeking treatment abroad? Will Travel Dear Will Travel, Health plans generally do not cover treatment from hospitals and doctors outside the United States, aside from emergency care.  The Affordable Care Act has standards for covered services and benefit limits.  However, it does not require plans to pay […]